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Wildlife hazard reporting app
Android App Overview

What is Horus?

Horus is a solution dedicated to airports wildlife hazard management

The solution is composed of an Android application for tablets and smartphones and a web portal. The application allows agents to record their observations and actions, while the web portal allows to configure the system, to visualize observations, access statistics and export data.

The application is currently limited to recording of observations and scarings. Other features are accessible via the web portal, such as the declaration of birdstrikes, destructions, management of Low Visibility periods etc. Horus being in perpetual evolution, these functions will eventually arrive in the application.

Wildlife management

Encoding of observations and scarings, daily overview of actions taken

Birdstrike management

Easy management of proven and presumed birdstrikes and animals found dead

Destruction management

Destruction management as well as quotas and exemptions granted

Low Visibility periods

Management of Low Visibility periods for statistical purposes

Easy intergration

Integrates easily into an existing workflow, with little training required

Data export

Data can be exported in standard formats

Reliable data

Collecting reliable data is necessary to be able to analyze it the best possible way. The best way for agents to encode their observations in a rigorous way is to have a technical solution designed for them:


Easy to use for all agents


Only a few clicks are needed


Interface usable in all conditions

Android App Overview

Web portal

Configuration of the system and the mobile applications is done centrally via the web portal. Configuration options are: agents, species, densities, behaviors, weather conditions, scaring tools. The layout of these elements is configurable according to your needs.

Application sends data directly to the cloud via a 4G or 5G connection. No need to transfer data from a tablet to a PC, everything is automatic. Web portal allows you to view and search the data, but also to modify the data. Web portal can also be useful in case a tablet fails, in order to complete data encoding.

Horus Cloud


Horus works on a patrol basis: agent starts a patrol, records actions and ends the patrol. The route of the patrol is recorded, allowing compliance with IBSC Standard 5 🔗.


Species, scaring tools, densities, behaviors...

GPS tracking

Continuous recording of the route taken, even outside the airport

Delayed recording

Action can be recorded after vacating the runway

Two agent patrol

A patrol can be declared with two agents

Android App Overview
Dark mode

Selection between dark and light themes

3 languages

English, Dutch and French

Easy identification

No password for quick identification when in a hurry

Reduced training

Easy to use with little training


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Horus is developed and proposed by SDLM SOLUTIONS 🔗
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